Visit Nepal And Experience "The Best Hash In The World"

A landlocked country,between the giants of Asia, where stands the World's tallest mountains and the deepest valleys, is claimed to be found the finest breed of Marijuana and Hashish in the World, is Nepal. Nepal being "Hippies Mecca" during the 60's and 70's is also believed to be the only country where natural Purple Haze grows (More re-search is needed for the bold text tho).
Cannabis from Lamjung, Nepal.
Marijuana plants grow wild everywhere especially in hills and mountains (where best Hash and Marijuana are grown in Nepal) and are taller than two storied building. The country is one of the most Weed Friendly country in the World because almost everyone smoke and walk on the hills to collect Weed from every house. In Thamel and Pokhara, foreigners are asked on streets if they need stuff,  by local dealers. Marijuana is illegal, but permitted for Holy Men, Sadhus in Nepal. The Nepalese Cannabis users are raising voice against the herb ban  and call for marijuana legalization is strengthening daily.

Marijuana and Hash Experience in Nepal

Many people have got an opportunity to experience Nepal's Hash when they visited Nepal and among them counts some legends like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Mick Jagger. They surely smoked Nepal's weed and they all loved the herb of Nepal. It is believed that the best hash of Nepal can make you stoned for ages. The Hindu god Shiva also loved and preferred the wild grown hash in Nepal according to Hindu Mythology.

In the above picture, a daily Cannabis user who had tried the best breed buds agrees to the fact that the best hashish are from Nepal. One cannot get so high from the best breed weed in the world as you will get from Nepal's Hash believe me. What if we breed the best hashes of Nepal and make a strongest one which can really make stoned for ages.

Come Visit Nepal and experience "The Best Hash In The World".

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