The Sahid (Martyrs) Memorial Park popularly known as Salbari Jheel Jhapa ; A perfect place to hangout

Salbari Park, located at the eastern part of Jhapa, Nepal. It lies on Arjundhara municipality. Popular by "Jheel" it is a martyrs memorial park rich in water and forest resources. It is a suitable place to visit and spend your holidays with full of structures that fascinate your day.

Salbari is located 8 kilometers from Birtamode city and 5 kilometers away from sanischhare bazaar. This Park is built as a tribute and is named after five martyrs of the Jhapa Andolan, which began in 2028 BS and was led by the CPN(ML) at that time. It was officially inaugurated in 2070BS, by the contemporary President of the Assembly, Mr. Subhashchandra Nembang. 

The five martyrs who lost their lives in the tragic political event are:

Name of Martyr Date of Birth Place of Birth Arrested On
Ramnath Dahal 1997 B.S Iwa, Terhathum 28th Mangshir, 2029 BS.
Netra Ghimire 2004 BS Atharai, Terhathum 13th Poush, 2029 BS.
Biren Singh Rajbanshi 1998 BS Jyamirgadi, Jhapa Mangshir, 2029 BS.
Krishna Kuikel 2011 B.S Garamani, Jhapa 1st Magh, 2029 BS.
Narayan Shrestha 2012 B.S Fikkal, Illam 1st Magh, 2029 BS.

Sahid memorial park is located at an elevation of 137 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​about 100 hectares that spreads along the side of Aduwa Khola. The whole compound has a peaceful and captivating environment that includes sal trees and variety of other tree species, a lake, tortoise conservation center, community forests, and statues and artistic sculptures.

Drone view of Salbari " Jheel "

Here, the Sal trees provide a very fresh and natural ambience and the reflection of the forest in the lake gives a picturesque view. Some of the other species of trees in the forest include Jamuna, barro, harro, tatari, etc. The forest is handed over to local people for protection, management, and utilization while making them aware of the value of trees of various species. In addition to this, this site also houses a Turtle Conservation Center where at least 7 different species of turtle are estimated to be conserved and rescued. This conservation center is the biggest and the only community-owned turtle conservation center in Nepal. These features of this park have been creating a well-recognized identity of itself not just among local people but in the whole country.

It is one of the famous place in Jhapa often many people visit there for refreshment and to enjoy the nature and its peaceful environment. Where there is good parking facility and picnic spots are available for those who want to have a great time. Boating and side seeing are also available.

If you visit Jhapa than you must visit salbari park to enjoy the beauty of nature in the middle of the city. 

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