Betana Wetland Area Belbari, Morang

Betana Wetland Area also called Betana Simsar is a tourist area that lies on Charkose Jhadi at Belbari municipality north of Mahendra Highway. It has spread over 4.2 ha covering some Saal forest and lake. It holds some of the rare and endangered flora and fauna's of the world. This place is mostly popular among the local tourist, as a dating and picnic spot too.
Betana Simsar is a great place to enjoy your day with nature. You can go boating on the area's biggest lake. You can take a walk onto the forest or watch animals. The area is constructed beautifully and still ongoing to attract more visitors. A bridge is constructed there where you can get your selfie too.
Betana is a famous place for lovers to go on a romantic date, celebrating family reunion or a casual off visit. Its already quite familiar among the eastern Nepalese society and the park aims at international level. You have to pay for the ticket to get inside the area.
Visit Betana and enjoy Sekuwa on the other side of highway. Still more hardwork need to be done to improve this area even though its naturally gifted.

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  1. I visited this place last week and it was preety cool. The entry fee is just Rupees 30 per person and you can find a lot of activities you can do such as boating as well as see some amazing animals.
    Like the writer said, it's a nice place not only for dating, but for family picnics and if you want to take some pictures too. If you're around here, you must go! If you're not from around here, I suggest you go at least once, it's worth it.

    Rating: 4/5

  2. Very beautiful place to visit in east Nepal ; adjoint to the national highway upgraded to Asian highway named Mahendra Highway.